Monday, 20 October 2014

Scuba Divers Halloween

Wondering how you can put your spin on Halloween?
You can choose to put a divers spin on your pumpkin or even dress up your little goblin as a diver.

Diver Pumpkins;
Some ideas for you; Take your favourite underwater photo of a fish or crabs, starfish, shark and in a photo editing program, put it (either way) into the negative, or black and white.  Print out, and cut out your creature.  Attach to pumpkin with tooth picks.  Using a dry erase marker, trace transfer your design.   Cave out with your favourite pumpkin carving tools. Light up and enjoy.
Here are two from my past Halloweens:

Watch VIDEO of a ship wreck pumpkin

Diver costumes;

For your little ghoul or goblin;
Make him/her a little diver,
Small Tubing [your air hose]
2Lt pop bottle (one or two) your choice [this will be your tanks]
Pacifier [this will be your regulators]
Silver paint [for your tanks]
With a clean pop bottle, wash inside with silver paint and set aside.
Using hot glue, attach tube from top of pop bottle lid to pacifier pulley
You can use black straps, or thick shoes laces, but make sure you put straps over shoulders, NOT AROUND NECK.  It should be light and easy to take off or on.
Your ghoul can wear this over blue or black pajamas, or tights and turtle neck.
Add Mask, fins, snorkel and hood and gloves and your well on your way to being a diver.

If all else fails, you can always break down and purchase your little one a Seahorse, Dolphin, Shark  or other sea-life costume.  Then you (the adult) wear your wet suit and chaperon your little ones in full gear (without the tank).

SAFETY first;  Parents should always accompany children and check all candy prior to consumption. recommended wearing reflective tape down the side of costume, mask on the head, so it doesn't obstruct field of vision.  Flash lights/dive torches just make great sense.

Yummy Snacks.
Jell-O creature snacks.
Using yellow, green or blue Jell-O, shortly after mixing in the cold water, stir for ten minutes,  fill clear plastic cups half way and add gummy s (Fish, worms, spiders or sharks)  Chill till set, very cool.

Edible Eyes;
Supply’s; Small white powdered droughts, Gummy Lifesavers, Chocolate chips, red gel icing
Place gummy in middle of doughnut, chocolate chip in the middle of gummy and then pipe in red veins of the creepy eye ball, place on plate and serve up some scares.

Witches Fingers Cookies
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